The Most Effective BJJ Gi 2020

When you’ve begun to discover your feet in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, the following point to think of is what is the very best BJJ gi to purchase? Have not be afraid, we have made this concern a much easier and less demanding experience for you! Look into our guide on what we think is the most effective BJJ Gi on the marketplace today.

Best BJJ Gi Reviewed 2020

Editor’s Pick Brand Rating
Best Overall Tatami Fightwear Elements Gi 4.5
Runner up Scramble Athlete Gi 4.2
Best Budget Buy Sanabul Essential 4.5
Best Premium GI Tatami Estilo 4.0
Best Lightweight Gi Elite Sports Ultralight 4.8

Below we have actually handpicked some of the most effective bjj competitors gi’s that are popular with competitions are hobbyists alike.

Best Overall – Tatami Fightwear Elements Gi

best bjj gi brands

The first best bjj gi is Tatami Fightwear Elements Gi.

The men at Tatami have actually knocked it out of the park with their 3rd version of their professional athlete gi. The Gi features a contemporary slim-fit tailored style that is still competitors legal.


  • Rubber collar
  • 550 GSM Pearl Weave Jacket
  • 7oz Cotton Twill
  • Lightweight
  • Fulfills IBJJF standards

Convenience and also Breathability

The Tatami Elements absolutely focuses its premium fabric weave to accomplish a degree convenience and also breathability not seen in various other gis. Overall, the top quality textile weave of this Gi is what makes it exceptional to all others, despite it being a bit pricier

High-Density Foam Collar

The collar is the part of the Gi that goes under-appreciated for its essential role. The gi collar is one more tiny piece that sets the Athlete above the competitors.

Price and also Value

The Tatami Elements gi is at an outstanding rate range compared to it’s competition, but the cost deserves it for a high quality training Gi that could possibly have a life time of training and also competitors. The attributes of a high-grade pearl weave material and also a suitable as well as superb collar absolutely makes the Tatami gi a trump card to beat the competitors.

Pros & Cons:

  • Outstanding Quality Overall
  • Great Quality Collar


  • Expensive
  • Restricted Colours

Best Runner Up – Scramble Athlete Gi

best affordable bjj gi

The second best bjj gi is Scramble Athlete Gi.

The Tatami Zero Gi and now the Elements opened the marketplace for light-weight competitors gi’s as well as Scramble damaged the market by designing a BJJ gi that is an outright beater on the marketplace.

The Scramble Athlete bathrobe uses the best weight to toughness ratio that goes unmatched by other competitors on the market. Made with a top quality 450 GSM weave that’s extremely solid the Scramble gi is also reinforced in all the right areas.


  • Incredibly resilient yet light material.
  • Coat 450 gsm with rounded, enhanced ports.
  • Col EVA foam soft: better resistance to bottlenecks.
  • Optimum wetness management.
  • Trousers 290 gsm Ripstop with enhanced stitching at the inside of the leg as well as ankle area.
  • Gi preshrunk.

Antimicrobial Fabric

Having a breathable, and antimicrobial Gi is constantly essential as you’ll have the ability to relocate with a great deal much easier as well as you will never ever have to bother with sweat develop and also creating issues.

The Scramble Athlete Gi is outfitted with everything feasible to guarantee you have a comfy and also doing Kimono. Its anti-odour features mean that you can train tougher without you gi beginning to stink after prolonged sessions.

IBJJF Tournament Approved

With the Scramble gi, you never ever need to stress if the Gi can be used in competitors, as it is an IBJJF Tournament accepted kimono. The Scramble Athlete’s interest to detail and top quality attributes makes it a reliable Gi for the competition period.

Price and Value

The Scramble Athlete is among the best Gi’s you can purchase this sensible price. The functions that it supplies, including it’s trademarked antimicrobial and also anti-odour modern technology, together with its qualified IBJJF approval sets this Gi far above its competitors in regards to worth for the price.

You’ll never ever fail with a choice to opt for the Scramble Athlete Gi.

Pros & Cons:

  • IBJJF Approved
  • Shuffle has actually made quality devices for several years


  • Some contraction after heavy cleaning

Best Budget Buy – Sanabul Essentials

best bjj gi brand

The third best bjj gi is Sanabul Essential.

The brand-new Sanabul Essentials gi takes every little thing fantastic concerning the original gi as well as makes it better. Used by globe champs, the Essentials Gi has actually become a company much-loved for competitors around the globe.


  • 450 gsm ultra-quality preshrunk cotton for a lighter, softer Gi
  • Pearl Weave
  • Rubber collar with ripstop product
  • Ripstop trousers
  • Smooth back

Long Lasting Pearl Weave

The strengthened knees on the trousers and foam rubber inner collar on the coat make this one of the most durable, yet quickly wearable Gi out there right now. The pearl weave of the coat likewise shows off Sanabul’s focus to detail in their most popular gi.

Enhanced Ripstop Pants

The high-drying and super-lightweight material Ripstop material made use of in the Gi is what makes it special in the checklist. The polyblend fabric combined with ripstop layout makes this Gi one of the lightest and also most difficult on the marketplace.

Expense and also Value

With the Sanabul Essentials, you’re constantly ensured to get the very best bang for your buck. The moderate-to-cheap cost is an excellent selling point for those who want to pay out a little bit much more for a G, which satisfies all requirements.

Pros & Cons:

  • Durable as well as Lightweight
  • Exceptionally re-inforced


  • Sizing can be off
  • Do not offer dimensions for heavier weights

Best Premium Gi – Tatami Estilo v6

best bjj gi australia

The fourth best bjj gi is Tatami Estilo v6.

From one of the most popular BJJ gi developers comes one of the original competition gi’s on the marketplace. The Estilochanged the shape of the marketplace forever and also got BJJ Gi developers liking a piece of the light-weight competitors pie.

The Estilo was made after months of lengthy testing and also the Version 6 edition of this kimono is among the very best on the planet. An A2 sized Estilo jacket and trousers can be found in at 2kg, weights will differ dependant on dimensions.


  • Estilo brand name spots are put in locations assembling to IBJJF GI standards and also including a wonderful aim to this NEW variety of superlight competition BJJ’s GI’s.
  • Coat made from 475gsm Pearl Weave reinforced GI product.
  • Rubberised collar to quit moisture absorption during training and competition.
  • Collar covered in ripstop material for included sturdiness.
  • Solitary item coat for enhanced strength as well as comfort.
  • 10oz heavy cotton stitching on ALL locations of the coat as well as trousers.

The Original Gi

Tatami Fightwear were the producers of the premium and best BJJ gi brands. Before the Estilo BJJ gi’s were heavyweight, upgraded Judo Gis. Tatami focused heavily on Estilo G’s building and construction, so it can take the daily beating of routine training and competition.

Unbelievably Durable

An A2 dimension of Tatami’s Estilo weights a plain 2kgs. So there’s less weight for you to cut, suggesting you can be in the most effective athletic capacities ahead of your competition.

Preshrunk Fabric

The impressive fabric and weave of the Estilo is what makes this an incredible Gi. The tried and evaluated pearl weave textile has a enhanced as well as new preshrunk therapy which can endure the most difficult of rolls and also hot training sessions.

The sports cut is also accurate thoroughly and also attributes specific contrast cobalt blue stitching will keep you nicely protected from deterioration as you practice the gentle art.

Pros & Cons:

  • Original Premium Gi.
  • Respectable Company.
  • Practical Price.


  • Drawstring tough to tie.
  • If washed also warm, the jacket can diminish.

Best Lightweight Gi – Elite Sports Ultralight

bjj gi australia

The fifth best bjj gi is Elite Sport Ultralight.

The Elite Sports Ultralight gi is the excellent new competition gi. Light sufficient so you don’t require to invest your last hrs in a sauna, solid enough to endure the most difficult battles as well as tough to grip so you can manage the pace of the fight.

This gi includes Elite Sports’ strong pearl weave textile, which is a 450 GSM weaved fabric that fits sufficient to wear on the within but harsh to quit gripping on the outside. Featuring an athletic fit, this is likewise the perfect summer training companion.

The Tatami Zero Gi and also now the Elements opened up the market for lightweight competitors gi’s and Scramble damaged the market by making a BJJ gi that is an absolute beater on the market. The Scramble Athlete is one of the best BJJ Gi’s you can purchase at this affordable cost.

The brand-new Sanabul Essentials gi takes everything great regarding the initial gi and makes it better. From one of the most best BJJ gi designers comes one of the original competitors gi’s on the market. The Elite Sports Ultralight gi is the best newbie competitors gi.


  • Perfect competition gi
  • Solid Peal Weave Fabric
  • Athletic Cut and also Fit
  • Perfect for summertime training
  • IBJJF competitors accepted

Twill Cotton with Reinforced Stress Area

The material for the Lightweight Gi is made up of a pearl weave jacket and also Twill Cotton Trousers. A great selection which functions well to enhance the soft qualities of the Gi while lowering weight and also enhancing efficiency.

The reinforced areas of the coat and trousers supply added sturdiness to stress and anxiety points that may be targeted throughout a competitive suit.

IBJJF Certified

The Elite Sports Ultralight Gi is not just a premium gi however it is additionally 100% tournament accredited, making it an exceptional selection over other non-certified gis. This gi supplies extraordinary efficiency for athletes who need a bathrobe that can last throughout one of the most intense training and also competition.

Cost as well as Value

The Elite Sports Ultralight Gi does run expensive, which is typical for a costs Gi or this quality. The value of having a premium competition Gi, however, is well worth the expense which makes the Elite Sports Ultralight a safe and also exceptional buy.

Pros & Cons:

Elite Sports is just one of the very best MMA firms around
Superior comfort as well as performance


Not Preshrunk
Some loosened strings found on the jacket

Just how To Choose The Best BJJ Gi

As you can see picking the best BJJ gi for your demands can be a tough procedure. Modern BJJ gi’s come with some various weaves, cuts, materials, weights as well as dimensions.

When it pertains to choosing the very best BJJ Gi for yourself there are a few variables that need to be taken into consideration. When choosing the best BJJ gi for beginners, let’s go with some of the standards you ought to be assuming concerning.

BJJ Gi Pants Material

A BJJ gi is more than the coat nevertheless, there are likewise pants to consider. Normally best BJJ Gi Pants will not be made from a weave, this would certainly be too uncomfortable however are made from more lightweight cotton product.

Because they take far much less penalty, this is. Let’s take a look at both most preferred pants products

Cotton Drill

The cotton drill material is a flat, strong, durable weave, which is most preferred for jiu-jitsu pants as well as not utilized for jackets. This material can take lots of penalty that jiu-jitsu can toss at it. The cotton drill can be verified by its trademark diagonal material lines, nevertheless, the cotton drill is recognized for stretching throughout training, which is why a number of firms have relocated far from it.


Ripstop does not stretch throughout training and has very little shrinking, so make sure you obtain a gi that is the best dimension, or else, it might be also saggy for training. Ripstop has actually likewise been utilized for gi coat product due to it’s lightweight as well as toughness. Ripstop coat gis is not IBJJF lawful.

BJJ Collar Material

Several modern BJJ Gi collars have a cotton, rubber or foam core, with rubber recently becoming one of the most prominent

Throughout the years, there has been a current change in just how BJJ collars are made, normally the outside will certainly be pierce cotton or a ripstop product filled with cotton or foam to pad it out. Nonetheless more and more gi’s are transferring to rubber-filled collars as a result of health and costing choices.

Nonetheless, each collar has its very own collection of benefits and also negative aspects. Cotton loaded collars are comfortable yet easy to grasp, rubber collars are more difficult to grip but are more uneasy in the choke. Additionally assume concerning the collar when you’re picking the best BJJ Gi.

BJJ Gi Weight

For the competitors, you can choose to obtain a lightweight gi, however there are likewise gi’s which are an even more typical weight and likewise heavyweight gi’s developed for judo. All have their very own advantages.

Ultra Lightweight Competition Gi:

  1. Perfect for conference competition weight limits
  2. Light-weight means it’s best for summertime and hot training
  3. Cleans easily
  4. Generally made from Pearl Weave and also Single Weave

Crossbreed Lightweight Gi:

  1. Combines the benefits of the ultra-lightweight gi with the benefits of the middleweight gi.
  2. Much more durable than the ultra-lightweight
  3. Popular with competition
  4. Normally made with Pearl Weave

Middleweight BJJ Gi:

  1. An excellent all-rounder
  2. Perfect for routine training
  3. Comes in a variety of colours
  4. Usually luxury-end gi’s.

Heavyweight Jiu-jitsu Gi:

  1. Great if you’re undernourished.
  2. Challenging for an opponent to grasp.
  3. Doesn’t stretch like lightweight gis.
  4. Typically pricey.
  5. Made from Double Weave or Gold Weave.

All Jiu-jitsu gi’s can improve our abilities or hinder them so make certain you choose the ideal gi for your needs.

The material for the Lightweight Gi is made up of a pearl weave jacket as well as Twill Cotton Trousers. A BJJ gi is more than the coat however, there are also trousers to consider. Normally best BJJ Gi Pants won’t be made of a weave, this would be too unpleasant however are made of more lightweight cotton material.

Ripstop does not extend throughout training as well as has really little contraction, so make certain you obtain a gi that is the best dimension, or else, it might be too saggy for training. Likewise think concerning the collar when you’re choosing the best BJJ Gi.

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