A Complete Liste of Best Karate Styles And Their Lineage

Originating from China and created in Okinawa, Karate styles are as varied as they are numerous. From the ancient Shuri-Te and Naha-Te to the extra current styles like Shito-Ryu, Goju-Ryu, Wado-Ryu, and also Shotokan, Karate spawned lots and also loads of styles, each with their own technical collection and philosophy.

The substantial amount types of Karate styles reported today can be identified right into original styles, major obtained styles, minor obtained styles, full-contact styles, and also crossbreed styles. Discover with this listing, the richness, as well as the diversity that Karate needs to use.

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Little is understood about the exact origins of Karate prior to it appeared in the Ryukyu Kingdom– contemporary Okinawa, Japan.

The art of Karate is said to discover its origin in China, extra precisely in Shaolin temple, where it was created and practiced as a martial called Kung-Fu.

Centuries later on, the art traveled to Ryukyu islands where it was developed under the name of Te (手) (suggesting hand in Ryukyuan language).

Te was once again influenced by Chinese Kung Fu, as profession connections between China as well as the Ryukyu were established thirty-six family members from Chinese Province of Fujian chose Ryukyu islands.

Te came to be globally referred to as Tode or Tang Hands, in honor of the Chinese Tang Dynasty.

By the 18th century, the art of Te had actually created in three different towns– Shuri, Naha, as well as Tomari, resulting in the creating of Naha-te, shuri-te, as well as tomari-te, the three major historic branches of Te, that will be later on referred to as Karate.


Shuri-te, literally “Shuri Hand”, is a karate style that has actually developed on the Okinawa Archipelago in Shuri City. It was particularly the local “the aristocracy” that practiced Shuri-te at the royal palace in Shuri.

Shuri-Te was an external, lengthy as well as vibrant design, making use of several kicking techniques. This design, Shuri-te gave birth to Shorin-Ryu and also is likewise at the base of Shotokan, Wado-Ryu.


Naha-Te, actually “Naha hand” is one of the initial styles that established around the port town of Naha, the contemporary capital of Okinawa. Naha-Te was a short distance, virtually fixed design. Naha-Te provided birth to 2 styles: Goju-Ryu and also Uechi-Ryu.


Much less recognize that his 2 siblings, Tomari-Te, essentially “Tomari Hand”, is a style originating from the town of Tomari, Okinawa. Tomari-Te appears to have actually been a mixture of both interior as well as outside aspects of Shuri-Te and Naha-Te. Despite the fact that it was a mix in between Shuri-Te as well as Naha-Te, Tomari-Te continued to be closer to Shuri-Te.

From Tode to Karate

In 1879, the Ryukyu Kingdom was annexed to Japan and also came to be Okinawa, among the many Japanese Prefecture.

Around 1935, with the intent of making their art more “Japanese”, the Japanese personality “Tang” of Tode (唐手) was replaced by “vacant” coming to be vacant hands (空手) or Karate.


styles of karate

Today there are 4 main styles of Karate in Japan: Shito-Ryu, Goju-Ryu, Wado-Ryu, and also Shotokan.

These standard karate styles list are direct descendants of ancient Ryukyu Te or Tode.


Shito-Ryu was developed by Kenwa Mabuni in 1928 as well as placed a great deal of focus on the technique of kata. Mabuni named his style “Shito-Ryu” based on the very first kanji character from the names of his 2 key instructors. Shito-Ryu mixes features of both soft as well as tough, internal and also external fighting styles.


Goju-Ryu was founded by Chojun Miyagi in 1930 as well as is strongly affected by from Chinese inner fighting styles. Goju-Ryu applies soft round barring methods, comparable in nature to jujitsu strategies, in combination with powerful counter-strike mixes.


Wado-Ryu was developed by Hironori Otsuka is 1939 and also is strongly affected by timeless jujitsu’s technological collection. It concentrates on Taisabaki (dodging) to decrease a challenger or prevent’s assault. It likewise has all-natural positions and is much more fluid, than other different styles of Karate.


Shotokan was created in Tokyo in 1938 by Gichin Funakoshi, taken into consideration by numerous to be modern-day karate’s founding master. Shotokan is the most prominent Karate style instructed worldwide. This style of karate uses large positions and direct techniques, created to supply effective strikes rapidly.


different styles of karate

The Karate styles I have included into this list are major spawns of the traditional four significant styles. These are the most preferred as well as popular “3rd generation” descendants of Karate.

Discover the checklist of the significant derived colleges.


Uechi Ryu is a traditional Okinawan design of karate developed by Kanbun Uechi in the very early 1900s, adhering to Kanbun’s training for many years in China. Several of Uechi-Ryu’s particular consists of lower arm conditioning as well as special techniques of attacking which includes finger-tip as well as toe-tip strikes and also kicks.

The style utilizes a mix of round blocks, open-handed strikes, strikes with one knuckle, and also kicks with the large toe. It complies with standard karate styles by being respectful and really discipline-oriented towards the opponent.


Shorin-Ryu was founded in 1933 by Chosin Chibana in Okinawa. “Shorin” is the Okinawan pronunciation of Shaolin, honoring the design’s ancient Chinese origin. Shorin-Ryu is characterized by its long, natural as well as loosened up movements, as well as for its speed as well as agility.


Chito-Ryu is just one of the primary typical styles of Karate. It was founded in 1946 by Dr. Tsuyoshi Chitose. This Japanese fighting style focuses on good manners, health and fitness, protection, as well as self-control. Chito-Ryu uses shibori, quick turning of the hip muscular tissues, to produce effective strikes.


Isshin-Ryu was developed in 1957 by Tatsuo Shimabuku and has its origin in Goju-Ryu as well as Shorin-Ryu. Isshin-Ryu focuses on punches, kicks, kobudo (traditional weapons training), kumite and also kata. Isshin-Ryu is additionally known for its vertical punches (versus straight punches on many karate styles).

Shuri-te, actually “Shuri Hand”, is a karate design that has actually established on the Okinawa Archipelago in Shuri City. It likewise has natural positions as well as is a lot more fluid, than other styles of Karate.

Shotokan is the most popular Karate design educated around the globe. Chito-Ryu is one of the main typical styles of Karate. Isshin-Ryu is also understood for its upright punches (versus straight punches on a lot of karate styles).


types of karate styles

Right here is the listing of the minor derived styles.

You will certainly locate below a list of small styles derived from of the four timeless Karate colleges. The majority of styles consisted of in this list are minimal known, also in the Karate neighborhood or are known by individuals with historical knowledge of Karate.


Shorinji-Ryu is just one of the earliest styles of Okinawan Karate as well as was produced by Kanga Sakugawa– a pupil of the epic Matsumura Sokon– in 1762. The word “Shorinji” describes the Shaolin Temple located in China. There are numerous variations of Shorinji-Ryu, the significant ones are Kenkokan and Renshinkan.


Matsubayashi-Ryu is a style of Karate founded in Okinawa in 1947, by Shoshin Nagamine. Shorin-Ryu is quick and also fast in its activities. It makes use of the bodies natural ability to carry out movements and also utilizes the Natural Stance as the most usual stance.


Motobu-Ryu is a family Karate design of karate established in 1922 by Choki Motobu. This specific Karate style focusses on evading assaults, and counter with synchronised offensive as well as protective actions. Considering that Motobu-Ryu had no kata originally, training is fixated sparring called sōtai-dōsa.


Ryuei-Ryu was originally the household style of the Nakaima family of Naha and also was founded by Norisato Nakaima, in 1845. Norisato found out White Crane Kung-Fu in China under Master Xie Zhongxiang. The strong Chinese influence is especially noticeable with this design. Ryuei-Ryu was made well-known by Tsuguo Sakumoto and also his remarkable demonstration of Anan kata.


Shukokai is a Karate style developed in the late 1940s by Chōjirō Tani. Greatly affected by Shito-Ryu, Shukokai was made around the research study of body technicians. High natural stances, fast foot-work as well as movement, and also shibori “hip twist” are Shukokai’s main qualities.


Shudokan is a Japanese design of Okinawan Karate developed by Kanken Toyama in 1930. Today, Shudokan has established right into a college made up of 2 systems: Kobudo and also Shorin-Ryu.


Shindo Jinen-Ryu is a type of Karate that was created by Yasuhiro Konishi in 1933. It integrates in its curriculum elements of jujutsu, kendo, and karate.


full contact karate styles

The creator of Kyokushin Karate, Masutatsu Oyama, arranged in 1969 the very first ‘All-Japan Full Contact Karate Open Championships’.

Full-contact Karate or “Knockdown Karate” advocates full-force competing where the is figured out either by factors or ko.

No protectors or guards are used in Full-contact Karate rounds, with the exception of mouthpieces, groin guards (males) and also breast guards (females).

Today, complete call karate competition comes in a number of various layouts relying on companies and styles.

Below is a list of one of the most popular Full-contact Karate styles.


Kyokushin is the first full-contact karate design. Its founder, Masutatsu Oyama, thought that the only way to evaluate your skills was to participate in full-contact battling, and not factor fighting. Kyokushin puts emphasis gets on ruining impacts as well as powerful solitary strikes. This design of Karate is really hard, and also advertise self-control as well as psychological toughness.


After the fatality of Oyama in 1994, disputes led the Kyokushin Organization to split right into different intrigues. Hatsuo Royama, among Mas Oyama’s very early students, left and also developed a new organization called Kyokushin-Kan. Its objective is to bring bunkai, ki training, punch-to-face competitions, and also weapon training back in Kyokushin.


Ashihara Karate is a spawn of Kyokushin as well as was developed in 1975 by Hideyuki Ashihara. It’s based around Sabaki, an approach of stepping out of the line of an assault, into a “blind-spot” placement, suitable for a counterattack. Ashihara Karate is stopping head to head pressures to collide.


Enshin is a style of “complete call karate” developed in 1988 by Joko Ninomiya. Ninomiya was the protégé of Hideyuki Ashihara and, someday left Ashihara Karate to begin his own style in America. Ninomiya promoted even better the Sabaki concepts.


Seido Kaikan is a complete get in touch with karate design stemmed from Kyokushin by Kazuyoshi Ishii in 1981. In 1993, Ishii started the K-1 company, a kickboxing company, closely cooperating with, yet independent from Seidokaikan. K-1 grew up to be, as well as still is today, the top kickboxing company in the world.


Byakuren Karate is a full contact design developed by Sugihara Masayasu in 1984. Byakuren’s methods are separated into two primary categories: ‘Goho’ which focusses striking, obstructing and also evading methods as well as ‘Juho’ which focuses on tossing, joint securing, as well as submission methods.


okinawa karate styles

Crossbreed Karate is a group of Karate styles that includes techniques from other styles right into their technique.

Strongly influenced by early no hold disallowed, vale tudo and MMA tournaments, these styles are not only using striking yet additionally grappling techniques also.

Here is a list of the most preferred crossbreed Karate styles:.


Kudo is a Japanese hybrid Karate design founded in 1981 by Kyokushin expert Takashi Azuma. Kudo calls itself “a mixed Budo sporting activity” consisting of complete get in touch with strikes, kicks, throwings, and also submission techniques on the ground. Battles are battled utilizing a complete face mask head guard and open finger padded gloves.


Produced by Kyokushin expert Yoshiji Soeno in 1980, Shidokan Karate is a combination of Kyokushin Karate, Muay Thai, as well as hurting. Shidokan Karate has a triathlon event format where they fight several rounds with altering policies. First-round Kyokushin rules, 2nd round Muay Thai rules as well as last rounded MMA regulations.


Established in 1932 by Muneomi Sawayama, this type of Karate areas makes use of striking, immobilization as well as estimates, take-downs as well as controls.

Rounds are dealt with full-contact or semi-contact as well as individuals use particularly developed protective equipment (bogu kumite) containing a steel cage mask, upper body guard and cushioned gloves.


As you can see after reviewing the article, numerous Karate styles or branches have arised with time from the “Original Four”.

If you count every tiny, independent school, there can be numerous styles of Karate around the world!

Each new Karate design was created by a master for various reasons.

Each creator has their very own morphology, character, and vision of performance. Each had their own viewpoint and teaching that they intended to send to the adhering to generation.

Directly, I do not follow a particular style as I attempt to exceed systems along with institutions. I practice and research Karate in its entirety, not as fragments.

Whether it’s one design or the various other, ultimately, they all share the exact same objective– the excellence of the character of its participants.

What’s YOUR favored style?

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Motobu-Ryu is a family members Karate design of karate started in 1922 by Choki Motobu. Kyokushin is the very first full-contact karate design. Seido Kaikan is a full call karate style derived from Kyokushin by Kazuyoshi Ishii in 1981.

Kudo is a Japanese crossbreed Karate design established in 1981 by Kyokushin specialist Takashi Azuma. Created by Kyokushin professional Yoshiji Soeno in 1980, Shidokan Karate is a mix of Kyokushin Karate, Muay Thai, and hurting.

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