Muay Thai vs Kickboxing: Which Style is More Effective?

The ruleset as well as culture of both fight sporting activities have affected the development and also advancement of their fighting design.

muay thai has mostly adhered to its conventional roots and still empower their competitors to strike with all parts of their limb: hands, elbows, knees, legs. Attacks and also takedown attempts happen regularly from the clinching position.

On the other hand, kickboxing policies avoid its competitors from incorporating all facets of muay thai. Popular kickboxing companies (K-1, Glory and also Bellator Kickboxing) has even more striking choices available than the original American Kickboxing rules that only kicks as well as allows punches above the waist.

But before discussing further, did you know the treasury between kickboxing vs muay thai? Approximately what are the differences between kickboxing vs muay thai, Here goes the explanation.


kickboxing vs muay thai

Kickboxing vs muay thai, Which are the best?

You must be curious what are the differences between kickboxing vs muay thai aren’t you? In the following we will explain in full what are the differences between kickboxing vs muay thai.

Kickboxing can primarily imply any kind of sporting activity that includes making use of hands and also starts a complete contact setting.

That is, kickboxing makes use of the 4-point striking system (punches as well as kicks) while Muay Thai utilizes the 8-point striking system (punches, kicks, knees, elbows) as well as the ‘full’ clinch. The secure in kickboxing is a way of locking up the challenger for a positional reset.

Some kickboxing policies (K1) allow for a partial clinch where 1 strike can be thrown before the ref resets the competitors. In Muay Thai, competitors are not reset as soon as they secure yet should protect and strike while one event is energetic; a reset only happens when both celebrations are inactive in the clinch.

To perplex points a bit more, Kickboxing has a variety of different fighting styles organized under the term. The short of it is that Kickboxing, in its original form, was a design of karate (Kyokushinkai) with boxing handwear covers thrown on that came from the 60’s.

It was usually called Full Contact Karate. Kickboxing (or American Kickboxing as it was recognized) was popularized way back in the 80’s with movies like Kickboxer gazing Van Dam.

Kickboxing, ultimately, came to be a catch-all term for any kind of sport that integrated Kicks with boxing. To jumble the waters much more, Muay Thai boxers typically take part in Kickboxing fights.

I want to mention that MODERN kickboxing has progressed over the past few decades. The design of kickboxing that was common in the 60 ′ -80’s has now progressed, as a sport, to a style more comparable to conventional Muay Thai.

The old style of Kickboxing (known as American Kickboxing) can still be discovered around, nevertheless, known as Full Contact Karate. It’s generally only exercised competitively in the Karate globe. Kickboxing, in the contemporary feeling, refers to the style discovered in K1/Glory.

What you really locate when you look at the background of Kickboxing is that Muay Thai usually played a pivotal role in the structure as well as affecting of a lot of the Kickboxing designs!

These are the explanation about dutch kickboxing vs muay thai difference.


dutch kickboxing vs muay thai

Among the initial distinctions noticed by many observers is how muay thai and also kickboxing comparison in their stance and activity. Here goes the difference between kickboxing vs muay thai in terms of position and footwork.

Kickboxing vs Muay Thai

Muay Thai:

  • Striking Stance – In muay thai, fighters make use of a stance where their hips are completely squared to the opponent and they are standing with an upright stance. This position has them placing their feet shoulder-width apart, and also startled in front and behind them. Within the stance, practitioners will disperse most of their weight to the back leg. This action keeps their lead leg light for quickly tossing kicks and to block incoming low kicks with their shins.
  • Securing Stance – Upon getting involved in clinching variety, specialists will make use of numerous hand placements for managing the challenger’s head as well as upper body. Unlike their striking stance, they actually transform their feet setting to be horizontally in-line with each other and also push their hips ahead. This clinching position gives the flexibility of throwing strikes as well as taking the challenger down with numerous foot moves.
  • Rhythm – Traditionally, muay thai boxers relocate at a slower pace than kickboxers. In Thailand, the suits are generally five rounds and the first round mostly is composed of both competitors really feeling each other out.
  • Forward Movement – Due to Thailand’s cultural understanding that boxers that utilize a great deal of motions are dancing and avoiding the fight, muay thai fighters are not as mobile and also tricky as kickboxers. Moreover, it is nearly sinful to use backwards motions such as pulling away from a challenger or if the boxers moves in and out of variety too much. Muay thai has constructed a challenging society where some coaches will execute the “6th round” as punishment when they think a competitor did not show adequate heart in their match or the coaches notice worry as well as tentativeness from them. When they get home after their match, the 6th round is renowned in Thailand for the additional sparring that the competitor has to go through. It is typical to see fighters constantly relocating forward strongly.


  • Position – Kickboxers use a stance that is a cross between a boxing and a muay thai position. The kickboxing position lowers an individual’s centerline and opening for obtaining struck to the body.
  • Footwork – Since the kickboxing neighborhood do not share the same feelings on how a boxer ought to move in the ring, you will certainly observe kickboxers making use of more dynamic and also explosive maneuvering.
  • Rate – Kickboxers commonly start at a quicker rate and also they likewise keep it throughout the fight, as opposed to having a noticeable escalation of intensity.
  • Blitzing – Kickboxers tend to be boxers that either like to utilize incredibly elusive motions or aggressively press their challengers. The former kickboxer kinds will use their maneuvering to rapidly get in as well as out of range at various angles.


kickboxing vs muay thai reddit

The protective designs of kickboxing and muay thai share many basic principles, but they likewise have plenty of features that identify them from each other.

Here goes the difference between kickboxing vs muay thai in terms of protection.

Kickboxing vs Muay Thai

Muay Thai:

  • Long Guard – This Thai design guard creates a framework to resist punches and joints while additionally managing your challenger’s range. Unlike the conventional boxing guard, this blocking method is much better at shielding you against joint strikes that would normally divide the guard or come over the top of it.
  • Signals – If the challenger has the ability to collapse a competitor’s lengthy guard or bypass their lead arm, this action tells them that the opponent is within shouldering and clinching variety.
  • Monitoring Kicks – The squared hips, knees turned outward as well as weight being dispersed on the back leg gives each practitioner the capacity to instantaneously lift their lead leg and block low kicks with their shin.
  • Dodging and Leaning Back – As pointed out previously, fighters favor not to pull away in reverse to avoid a strike. Instead, they use their protective guard, side-to-side activities and also a leaning back movement to evade strikes. This challenging lean-back method includes the expert taking an action backwards with their rear leg, leaning their head as well as upper body towards this leg as well as additionally securing their face with the rear arm.


  • Head Movement – Kickboxers depend on even more head activities to prevent obtaining hit than muay thai competitors.
  • High Guard – The high guard is a little different from the one used in boxing. As opposed to keeping your hands by your cheeks, the high guard requires you to increase both handwear covers to be over your eyebrows. Furthermore, your arm joints must be glued to your body.
  • Ear Muffs – Kickboxers like Glory’s heavyweight champ Rico Verhoeven will actually change from this high guard to a protective position where he covers his ears like “ear muffs.” He uses this strategy to lower the impact as well as obstruct get during battling exchanges where the challenger is repeatedly tossing effective hook mixes. Of course, this is just a short-lived defensive guard considering that it leaves you at risk to straight punches and also any other strike showing up the middle.
  • Handling Kicks – In enhancement to their adaptation of using muay thai’s kick monitoring method, kickboxers likewise utilize their footwork and incredibly elusive motions to stay clear of the opponent’s kick completely.


american kickboxing vs muay thai

Despite the fact that muay thai strategies are typically seen in kickboxing matches, kickboxing rulesets have caused the distinction offensive emphasis below.

Here goes the difference between kickboxing vs muay thai in terms of infraction.

Muay Thai vs Kickboxing

Muay Thai:

  • Intent Behind Each Strike – Fighters tend to throw short combinations or single shots where each strike is planned to land with maximum power.
  • Strike Selections – Since punching strategies rack up the least in muay thai competitors, choice is given to various other striking options. In competitors, a punch will certainly not rack up as much as kick, unless the strike results in a knockout.
  • Clinching Options – Clinching is really important offending placement for all muay thai fighters where they can throw elbows as well as knees as well as take a challenger down.
  • Persistence – Contrary to popular belief, fighters do not merely stand in location as well as turn away at each other. They are really extremely patient in seeking openings and picking at their challenger. Once the later round occurs, this strength raises rapidly and also the competitors will certainly launch extra effective mixes.


  • Punching – Due to limitations in clinching and also joints being unlawful in competitions, kickboxers are extra skillful at punching than muay thai competitors as a result of having a higher quantity of time dedicated to this ability.
  • Striking Combinations – Kickboxers can be seen throwing long chain of combinations that flows in between punching and kicking.
  • Setting Up Strikes with Quick Clinches – Major kickboxing companies just enable their fighters to deliver a solitary strike before they are required to release their challenger from the clinch. Kickboxers will certainly make use of a swift grab behind the head of the challenger and also pull them right into an uppercut or a rising knee.


This spell permanently changed the landscape of kickboxing vs Muay Thai, as well as MMA in North America. You’ll locate nothing else fight that is as significant, with both competitors showing remarkable heart.


Done already discussion about American kickboxing vs muay thai. This write-up offers a fast glimpse right into the world of two dynamic fight sporting activities. The rulesets within each sport will invariably develop a somewhat different curriculum.

From all the explanations above, we hope you can draw conclusions about kickboxing vs muay thai.

Contemporary day fitness centers have sufficient cross-pollination from various sports that can mix both martial arts with each other into a seamless program.

Each has their very own advantages as well as are excellent choices for self defense. The comments noted above are basic observations and not absolute declarations for all people within these battle sporting activities. Based upon your personal choice, which striking style seems a lot more enticing to you?

Popular kickboxing organizations (K-1, Glory and also Bellator Kickboxing) has even more striking choices offered than the original American Kickboxing rules that just kicks and also permits strikes above the waist. The clinch in kickboxing is a method of connecting up the challenger for a positional reset.

Kickboxing (or American Kickboxing as it was recognized) was popularized means back in the 80’s with movies like Kickboxer gazing Van Dam. To muddle the waters even a lot more, Muay Thai boxers often participate in Kickboxing fights.

The old style of Kickboxing (understood as American Kickboxing) can still be found around, nevertheless, known as Full Contact Karate.

That’s the article about kickboxing vs muay thai. Hopefully the explanation about kickboxing vs muay thai can help you.

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