The Ultimate Overview to MMA Weight Classes

On November 12th 1993 the globe of fight sports was forever changed. The Ultimate Fighting Championship, extra affectionally referred to as the UFC has actually gone to the spearhead of among the fastest-growing sports in modern-day background, Mixed Martial Arts, also referred to as MMA or Cage Fighting.

Considering that it’s very early days the UFC has actually advertised battles in more than 22 countries on 6 continents as well as has actually made competitors such as Conor McGregor, Khabib Nurmagomedov as well as Ronda Rousey household names.

Nonetheless, before the UFC there was Vale Tudo, which was a no-holds-barred combating promotion held in Brazil, which claims to be the origins to contemporary MMA, nevertheless, the UFC catapulted it with its octagon-shaped ring and chainlink fence changing the ropes.

But it had not been until 1997 weight classes were presented to Mixed Martial Arts, up until after that, rounds had no optimum or minimal weight restrictions.

This can be demonstrated at UFC 3 when the 200lb Keith Hackney defeated 6′ 8 ″ 600lb sumo wrestler Emmanuel Yarborough by means of TKO.

At UFC 12 in Alabama weight classes were just divided right into lightweight and also heavyweight, a small change to weight divisions however a considerable moment in the sport’s background. A year later on at UFC 16, the UFC introduced a 3rd weight course and also it proceeded from there.

In a transfer to make the sport more reputable the “Unified Rules” of MMA were developed by the state of New Jersey, in those guidelines were the very first weight divisions for men, female weight departments wouldn’t come till many years later.

Today MMA male as well as women fighters contend in eleven weight divisions.

What Are MMA Weight Classes?

Just place the MMA weight classes are a guide to what a boxer need to consider in order to deal with in a particular weight course. By surpassing the upper weight restriction a fighter might not battle in that weight course. Or they might choose a weight course based on their sports performance at that weight.

Several of the largest distinctions between boxing and mixed martial arts are the weight classes as well as just how they are separated. In MMA there are less weight classes MMA, and that’s something that the boxers have actually been campaigning to change for rather a long time.

For this objective of this, we’ll go over the MMA weight classes as well as Bellator usage, considering that those are the two largest MMA promos in North America.

Some local promotions might have various other weight classes, however generally, the UFC establishes bench for just how MMA promotions are run.

While lots of might be made use of to the 18 departments that boxing has to supply, the MMA weight departments are slightly various as well as can be the root cause of some complication.

Since the upper weight limitation for each department can differ extremely what each division’s limitation in boxing is, the main factor for this complication is usually. As UFC continues to grow, a through understanding of the departments as well as their titles is a need.

MMA Weight Classes Divisions

ufc weight classes

One of the most dominant Heavyweights of perpetuity are Fedor Emelianenko (233 lbs– 31 victories, 1 loss, 1 no contest), Antonio Nogueira (231 pounds – 32 success, 5 losses, 1 no contest) as well as Randy Couture (220 lbs– 16 victories, 10 losses.

10 of his wins were title fights.) The only titan MMA fighter that could arguably make the listing would certainly be Tim Sylvia, and he lost to all 3 of these males.

My point is simple: Until we see the massive Heavyweights dominate the division every year, one can barely make a case that individuals like Big-Nog, Randy and also Fedor require a brand-new weight course to protect them.

As quickly as they stop beating the black out of the gigantic guys of the sporting activity, I’ll be persuaded.

Atomweight (Female Only) – MMA Weight Classes

As much as 105 pound (47.6 kg)

The atomweights are extensively regarded as the lightest weight classes in MMA coming at a maximum weight limitation of 105lbs. The atomweight department is not defined by the Unified Rules as well as is a female-only weight class.

Presently, the UFC doesn’t have a flyweight division, however, it is recognised by organisations such as Invicta as well as One FC.

One of one of the most noteworthy Atomweight fighters currently is Angela Lee, who is the champion at One FC with three title protections.

Strawweight (Female Only) – MMA Weight Classes

In between 105 as well as 115 lb (47.6 and 52.2 kg)

The females’s strawweight division is among the most fascinating departments in the whole UFC. There are lots of highly-skilled competitors that are in title contention as well as who can beat the other women in the department.

Currently, the champion of this division is Zhang Weili. Weili came to be the champ after she knocked senseless Jessica Andrade in less than a minute. Andrade, consequently, ended up being the champ when she knocked Rose Namajunas on her head, knocking her out.

Namajunas notoriously came to be the champion after she knocked senseless Joanna Jedrzejczyk in a distressed triumph. Jedrzejczyk was a leading champ and she defeated numerous ladies, including Andrade, in her title power.

Jedrzejczyk earned her title after she completely knocked out Carla Esparza, the first-ever strawweight champion. Esparza, poetically enough, won the inaugural strawweight title after she choked out Namajunas.

This to and fro trading of losses and also success simply mosts likely to demonstrate how deep the department is. Several fans do not expect Weili to lose anytime soon, however with the ladies in her division, she simply may.

Various other extremely knowledgeable females to keep an eye out for in this division include Tatiana Suarez, Michelle Waterson, and also Claudia Gadelha.

Flyweight (Male/Female)

In between 115 and also 125 pound (52.2 and also 56.7 kg)

The flyweight division is the first weight division for both Female and male. The fascinating aspect of the Unified Rules is that both men and females follow the exact same weight limitation.

The flyweight division was first specified by the Nevada State Athletic Commission and was later recognised by the Unified Rules for both female and also male rivals.

A few of one of the most notable fighters for the flyweight department is the present UFC champion as well as Olympic gold medalist Henry Cejudo. Henry won the flyweight title after beating one of the most effective pound-for-pound MMA competitors worldwide Demetrious Johnson, who currently fights for One FC.

The existing Female UFC Flyweight champion is Valentina Shevchenko that won her title in 2018 after beating Joanna Jędrzejczyk at UFC 231.

Bantamweight (Male/Female)

Between 125 and also 135 pound (56.7 and 61.2 kg)

The bantamweight department contains boxers weighing between 125 and 135 pounds, formally. Nevertheless, some promos have their MMA weight classes for this division, such as King of the Cage that allows competitors that weight as much as 145lbs right into the department.

Dominick Cruz is one of the most successful Bantamweight boxers in MMA, where has held the twice as well as successfully safeguarded it 3 times prior to losing it to Cody Garbandt.

The current Bantamweight champion in the UFC is additionally the Flyweight champion Henry Cejudo.

The women weight division was controlled by Ronda Rousey who would take place to be champ for three years before she would become beat by Holly Holm and that well known head kick at UFC 193.

Her MMA career would certainly never ever get back on track after experiencing a 2nd loss against Amanda Nunes. Nowadays Ronda lives in WWE.

The existing women UFC bantamweight champ is Amanda Nunes, who won her title back in 2016 after beating Misha Tate via Submission as well as has had an incredible four supports of her title.

Simply place the MMA weight classes are an overview to what a fighter have to weigh in order to deal with in a details weight class. In each classification the published weight is the top weight limit. By surpassing the top weight restriction a competitor may not fight in that weight course.

Or they might pick a weight class based on their athletic efficiency at that weight. The atomweights are widely related to as the lightest MMA weight classes coming at an optimum weight restriction of 105lbs.

Featherweight (Male/Female)

In between 135 as well as 145 lb (61.2 and also 65.8 kg)

The featherweight division in MMA perhaps among one of the most famous departments thanks to one male, Conor McGregor. This department would be put on blast after McGregor ruined the champ Jose Aldo with an unbelievable first-round surface.

Featherweight is additionally the heaviest women weight department identified by the Unified Rules. This division was controlled by Cris Cyborg Justino until she was defeated by the existing women Bantamweight champ Amanda Nunes to end up being the very first women dual champ.

The current male featherweight champ in the UFC is Max Holloway that defeated Jose Aldo in 2017. He currently has 3 title defences.

Lightweight (Male Only)

Between 145 and 155 lb (65.8 and also 70.3 kg)

The first male-only department in MMA is the light-weight department which includes fighters weighing between 145 and also 155lbs. This department was additionally dominated by the Notorious Conor McGregor, but his champ-champ regime was snubbed out by the present UFC lightweight champ Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Welterweight (Male Only)

Between 155 and 170 pound (70.3 and 77.1 kg)

The presently welterweight division functions boxers in between 155 and 170lbs as well as one of the most dominant competitors in history at this weight course is the legendary Georges Saint Pierre who held the UFC title from 2008 to 2013.

These days the division is held by Kumaru Usman that won the title over Tyron Woodley at UFC 235.

Middleweight (Male Only)

In between 170 as well as 185 lb (77.1 as well as 83.9 kg)

The existing Unified Rules category for Middleweight are competitors in between 170 as well as 185 pound, enjoyable truth the PRIDE welterweight department was combined with the UFC middleweight department after the UFC acquired the organisation.

Among the most recognisable boxers at the middleweight division in MMA is the terrific Anderson Silva that hung on to the UFC title for five years.

The current UFC middleweight champ is ‘Stylebender’ Israel Adesanya who beat Australian Robert Whittaker at UFC 243.

Light Heavyweight (Male Only)

Between 185 as well as 205 lb (83.9 as well as 93.0 kg)

Currently we’re headed to the larger MMA weight classes departments, the light heavyweight department attributes competitors weighing in between 185 as well as 205lb.

This was the weight division of a few of the most significant names in MMA such as Chuck Lidell, Frank Shamrock and Tito Ortiz. This division is now ruled by the debatable competitor Jon Jones, who is the current UFC champ.

Heavyweight (Male Only) – MMA Weight Classes

In between 205 and 265 pound (93.0 and also 120.2 kg)

The heavyweight division is the last recognised department in the UFC and also functions fighters who weigh between 205 and 265 pounds.

The heavyweight department featured heavy hitters such as Frank Mir, Randy Couture, Cain Velasquez as well as WWE Superstar Brock Lesnar. These days names such as Daniel Cormier, Francis Ngannou and also the current UFC champion and also widely thought about best heavyweight of perpetuity Stipe Miocic.

Super Heavyweight (Male Only) – MMA Weight Classes

Over 265 pound (120.2 kg) with no top weight limit

The last recognised MMA weight course is the Super Heavyweight class. This department isn’t presently contested in the UFC nevertheless there are a few organisations which feature rounds in this department.

Crucial Points You Should Understand About MMA

ufc women's weight classes

” Vale Tudo” (a Portuguese term definition anything goes) were very little regulation fight contests that pitted two males against each other.

These Vale Tudo matches do not much resemble modern MMA matches, as well as where not in fact taken into consideration a sport, these battles are straight forefathers to modern Mixed Martial Arts.

In the early days, there were no weight classes and also basically no rules in MMA. Up until 2000, when the New Jersey State Athletic Control Board created the Unified Rules for MMA. These laws set up fighter safety preventative measures and also most especially MMA weight classes.

1. MMA Policies

Every round is five mins in duration with a one-minute pause in-between rounds. Non-title suits normally don’t exceed three rounds, while Title matches can be approved for 5 rounds.

2. Ways To Finish a MMA Fight

An MMA competitors can finish in among several methods:.

  • Entry: shown when the challenger either literally faucets out or verbally submits;.
  • Technical knockout (TKO): in this situation the umpire stops the battle when he determines that a boxer is no longer able to defend himself intelligently;.
  • Ko: when one competitor creates their challenger to pass out because of striking.
  • Decision: if the last rounded ends without a submission or ko, the outcomes are determined by choice A panel of 3 judges scores each round using a 10-point needs to system, implying that when a judge establishes a fighter won a round.
  • No competition: If both fighters go against the policies, or if a fighter is hurt by an unintentional unlawful action, a no-contest phone call can result.

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