Surprising Benefits You Can Get From Taekwondo For Adults

TAEKWONDO FOR ADULTS – Normally, people have various reasons for joining the Taekwondo class. Some people want to learn how to get self-discipline and more robust self-defense. The others do it because of their desire to lose weight, get fit, build their confidence, etc.

People who have been working out in a boxing gym and still struggle to maintain their motivation to have a healthy lifestyle take a class to get encouragement.

In a class, not only do you get motivation, but you also get community support and resources to keep you stay on track.

What Should You Do Before Starting Taekwondo

taekwondo classes for adults

Taekwondo is an excellent activity for improving mobility, building fitness, strength, and flexibility. As well as improving your physical strength, you will get many benefits from martial art training.

You need to look for an instructor that has completed coach education recognized by Sports Coaching in your country.

By looking for a proper instructor, you will get a better experience because the instructor has the skill, the experience, and the knowledge necessary to make sure safe and enjoyable Taekwondo lessons for adults, which will help you to achieve your goals.

There are other things that you need to do before starting Taekwondo for adults.

1. More Cardio Workout

There is no question about the importance of cardio for martial arts. Well, cardio can increase the capacity and efficacy of your lungs and heart. It means that it allows you to perform way more consistently for longer periods of time.

Usually, martial arts training involves intensive aerobic, meaning with oxygen, using fats that are stored for energy to exercise. And it also involves intensive anaerobic, which means without oxygen, using muscle glycogen as fuel to exercise.

That’s the reason why every martial artist needs to increase their cardio workouts.

There are six alternative ways that you can do to boost your cardio, especially for taekwondo training:

  • Sprint interval training
  • Hill running
  • Anaerobic swimming
  • Jumping rope
  • Circuit training
  • High-altitude training mask

2. Prepare For Pain & Exhaustion

Let’s be honest here; your first martial art will be exhausting. You can go through the sessions with less suffering if you have the experience of hard work before. But, almost all beginners will experience will get grief.

Nevertheless, never let it discourage you; all martial artists have been there. You will get used to it. You will get the needed stamina and everything will be easier.

The body starts to activate the muscle groups when you begin martial art training.

Instead of being afraid of exhaustion and pain, focus on feeling your body becoming alive once again. Believe it, the feeling will give you enough motivation to train even harder!

Taekwondo classes for adults are hard for a reason and you can get in shape soon with a bit of consistency.

3. Buy Gear

Almost at every martial art gym, having the proper gear is a kind of requirement in the first class.

Just like any other sports, martial art classes include various protective gear and equipment. The amount of money that you will spend depends on the martial arts you choose.

One of the ways to score points in Taekwondo is to punch or kick the opponent in the torso.

We need to wear a chest protector to protect the torso from the kick or punch and we can buy it before starting the training.

Some other things you need to prepare:

  • Foot protector
  • Forearm guards
  • Groin guard
  • Gloves
  • Hand wraps
  • Headgear
  • Etc

4. Stretching

Why is stretching important in every martial art, especially Taekwondo?

Experts agree that it is essential to do stretching to maintain and improve the flexibility of your body.

It definitely improves the performance and allows you to do Taekwondo much more effectively for sparring in the class session or even in the tournament.

A great kicking move needs flexibility and mobility of the joints. Flexibility supports you to boost your stamina and strength while training Taekwondo for adults.

If you want to do a turning kick (dollyo chagi), you need to rotate dynamically with the capability to throw a head-kick to your opponent. Of course, flexibility helps you to do this kick by escalating the range of motion in the body.

How Taekwondo For Adults Helps You In Your Daily Life

taekwondo lessons for adults

The fantastic thing about Taekwondo for adults is that it begins to teach you life lessons that can upgrade every aspect of your life from the day you start to train.

It will not be easy for you at first because you will be exercising many activities that you’re not used to. The activities include punching, kicking, and stretching with a lot of cardio work.

In addition to the self-defense and sporting aspects of Taekwondo, there is another exercise element that brings health improvements in your body such as; stamina, flexibility, strength, posture, and balance.

Not only does it have physical health benefits, but Taekwondo has also mental health benefits like increasing your focus and self-discipline.

Other benefits you can get from Taekwondo:

1. Make You Feel Better

The great benefit you can gain from Taekwondo is it makes you feel better and happier on a daily basis.

The reason why Taekwondo can make you happy is because of the nature of any type of exercise during the class session. Exercising makes your brain produce neurochemicals (the most important one is serotonin).

Serotonin is a kind of chemical which is produced by the brain that produces the feeling of joy, happiness, calmness, and elation.

It is a chemical that makes you feel much happier than you usually would. Serotonin can help you fight against terrible things such as depression and anxiety. Those things are caused by a lack of serotonin in our brain and an imbalance of neurochemicals.

Taekwondo helps you balance the chemicals and you will feel happier afterward. If you feel depressed or anxious all the time, Taekwondo is one of the solutions to your problem.

2. Stress Relief

The next awesome benefit you can gain from exercising Taekwondo is that it is a great way to relieve your stress.

It does partly have to do with the fact that Taekwondo helps your body to produce serotonin, which is a chemical that can make you relieve stress, but it is absolutely more than just that.

Regular exercise helps the brain to produce a kind of chemical that is called endocannabinoids. What are endocannabinoids?

They are chemicals that occur in your brain and are also one of the active agents in marijuana.

These chemicals produce feelings of relaxation and calmness. The chemicals also can help to reduce the perception of pain in your brain.

Learning how to strike involves a lot of training. It means that you need to spend your time practicing punching, kicking a punching bag, or even sparring with people.

Mostly, stress is caused by anger and the powerful way to reduce the anger is by punching and kicking a defenseless bag.

3. Bone Building

Bone-building exercise is one of the advantages that you can get from Taekwondo for adults.

The martial art involves many kinds of exercise such as jumping, kicking, punching, pushing (with your arms and legs), and landing on your body as you spar with an opponent.

All of the actions count as weight-bearing exercises. Weight-bearing exercises are important to help you build better and stronger bones.

Every moment you put an increased amount of weight on your bones, it causes your osteoblasts to lay down bone matter. Your bones grow just the same way as your muscles and the more you push them with weight-bearing exercises, the stronger they are.

There is a fun fact that every time you throw a kick or punch, you may slightly harm your bones, just like leading micro-tears in the muscles.

This kind of harm then heals up with new bone mass and scar tissue in order to become better and bigger than ever.

4. Increase Confidence & Self Esteem

The last advantage you can gain from practicing Taekwondo is that it can increase your confidence and self-esteem effectively.

For your information, it involves various patterns, poses, strikes, moves, and anything else coming with martial art.

Every moment you practice a new move and you repeat it frequently, it increases your confidence and it is as simple as feeling great because of having finished something.

Taekwondo can even help you to improve your confidence because it tones the muscles and helps you reduce your weight. You can get both if you practice it intensively. When you look great, you will also feel great and the best feeling is when you look like a muscly hunk in the mirror.

Obstacles During Your Learning Process

taekwondo adults

No matter how many times you have tried to avoid obstacles, they always have a way to show up and that’s a normal thing actually. You face obstacles in Taekwondo training, as well as on a daily basis.

Obstacles and challenges are normal and we all face them in real life.

The difference is the choices that we choose to face those obstacles or to work our own way around them. Avoiding them will not lead us to get any measure of success. Facing them is a wise choice because they teach us many life skills such as patience, discipline, perseverance, and focus.

Here are a few other obstacles in Taekwondo for adults with suggestions on how to handle them:

1. It Takes A Long Time Practicing

There are many kinds of martial art based on a lifetime of practice. They are not formed to produce great fighters in three months. They are formed to be a lifestyle.

It may often stand in our way and become a problem for people living in the 21st century. We often get instant gratification and refuse to take time practicing. Not only is it dangerous for Taekwondo learners, but it makes a bad impact on people in general.

When we get too many instant gratifications in our life, we crave things without wanting the process.
So, how long does it take to learn a martial art, especially Taekwondo?

As you improve in Taekwondo, there will be various amounts of learning and understanding. Because of this, you need guidance that can guide you along the way.

While one learner may master a move after repeating it 50 times, others may need to practice it more than 500 times. The key is self-acceptance and it will teach you patience and focus.

Desired results take time and success comes from great habits. Just focus on getting more aware, stronger, and faster. You will get the results soon after you upgrade yourself to be better and better every day without losing hope.

2. Lose Motivation

We need to quit our comfort zone and be ready to adapt to any situation in life. It is important for us to be open to learning things that are new.

You start to realize that learning is a process that never ends when you practice a martial art (taekwondo).

There are always new moves that are being developed and also new ways to counter them. Just be open to new discoveries, especially in martial art.

What if you lose motivation during the process?

Well, when you start a martial art for the first time, you may experience that the classes are too intense and exhausting. No worries about those kinds of things. Usually, Taekwondo for adults classes don’t take a long time and you just need to enjoy it.

If you are very bored and want to skip the class to take a rest for a while, that’s totally okay. Taking a break will make you come back full force.

As time passes, you will get used to it. Enjoy the process!

3. Make Mistakes

“I made a mistake.” That is something that nobody wants to admit. The thing is, everybody makes mistakes though they don’t really confess them and actually, it’s the learning process of life.

Making a mistake is a good thing as long as you want to correct it and be a better person day by day.

Every mistake that you make is a valuable lesson. Mistakes can teach you to be better and you can learn from those mistakes, even the little ones.

It is really hard to admit that you made a mistake, but once you do it, you will feel so much better. You are absolutely not the only one that makes mistakes, everyone does.

People crave perfection in life, but it’s impossible to be a perfect human. Sometimes, we always try our best, yet we still get failure and that’s totally okay. Mistakes help us to learn and grow to be the best version of ourselves.

Just take a deep breath and fix your mistakes. Never let the mistakes drag you down.

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